Cinderella finally return?

Christos FC shirt at Christos Discount Liquors. Christos FC is looking to make another Cinderella run in the Lamar US Open Cup. Photo by NBC Sports Washington.

CInderella never returns to the ball, but for Christos FC they are they to be that one Cinderella team that repeats. Second round pairings in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup (US Cup) have been released and Christos FC is back fighting for it.

Any Charm City soccer fan will remember the Cinderella run of Christos FC in the US Cup last year. Named after a liquor store that is less than a mile from my house, Christos FC is as local as it gets. The players all went to local high schools and many went to UMBC and other local colleges. The team is an amateur team, but they beat 2 professional teams last year in the US Cup. Unfortunately for Baltimore, Christos FC was eventually booted from the tournament. That was a year ago.

Christos Discount Liquors in Glen Burnie, MD. Christos Discount Liquors sponsors the team of the same name.

This is now, and Christos FC is back for their chance to go deep into the cup tournament once more. Being an amateur team, the odd are stacked against Christos FC. They are going to Reading PA to play Reading United AC. As the names suggests, they play in Reading, PA.

Reading is a 2 hour drive from Baltimore. Soccer at any level is wonderful to watch. Opportunities like this do not come up very often. A chance to root on a hometown team, and Christos FC is a team going against the odds. The Philadelphia Union of MLS is the parent club of Reading United AC. That means the players of Reading United AC are scouted by a professional team. While Christos has faced this type of opposition before, support from the Baltimore soccer community can only help. Fans traveling to see you is the biggest boost a player can feel.

Reading United play in a high school stadium, and every fan’s voice will be heard loud and clear when the two teams face off on May 9th. Tickets cans be purchased now for only $5. High school stadiums are intimate, and sound reverberates onto the field. The ability to see fans eyes is not possible in bigger stadiums. It offers an experience like no other sporting event.

If the game goes the way most Baltimore soccer fans would like, then Christos will be facing off against the Richmond Kickers once again. This time around Richmond will be ready. Richmond Kickers of the USL, second tier in American soccer, lost to Christos FC last year. Christos will not have the element of surprise in Richmond this time. The kickers were stunned a year ago, but the little team that could will need to rely on new tricks and play even better against the Richmond kickers.

That rematch only happens if Christos FC wins in Reading first. Reading is no slouch of a team. They won their division in 2016, and they have qualified for the US Cup every year since 2009. This will not be a walk in the park for Christos FC. Every Baltimore soccer fan should turn out to support Baltimore’s most successful amateur team. With no professional team in Baltimore, Christos FC is the only chance to see a local team go up against professional teams. That’s the beauty of the US Open Cup, for anyone can win.

If you do make the right decision and go to root on Christos FC, then the address to the stadium is 2601 Grandview Blvd, Reading, PA. Reading United play at Wilson High School.



Author: Jake Stolzenbach

Born with a mutated 7th chromosome, resulting in cystic fibrosis. Defining the odds is built into my DNA. Living in Maryland has allowed a love of the outdoors to flourish. Being in the woods or out on the water are ideal ways for me to spend my day. Sports are a massive aspect in my life, from soccer and football to golf and formula 1. I will watch practically any sport.

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