Road To Russia World Cup

The road to the 2018 Fifa World Cup could be a challenging one for any American Outlaws who were interested in going. Two issues, One the US men’s team didn’t actually make it to the event, and Two ” it just feels like a logistical nightmare,” said American Outlaws head of communications.

The American Outlaws are the biggest support group for the US men’s national team (USMNT) and it’s not surprising that American fans don’t want to fly halfway across the world to not see their team. The US men’s team broke many fans hearts when the team didn’t win a game against the worst team they faced the entire qualifying, But the Fifa World Cup has so much more to offer USMNT fans.

I fell in love with soccer because of the comradery that you get from watching and talking about soccer. Baltimore is a huge sports city. With NFL and MLB teams, Baltimore does not have a professional soccer team to call its own, so the soccer fans get creative.

Bars all over the country will have event during the Fifa World Cup. With Russia being a near impossible option, watching the world cup in a bar is a great option to get the comradery that makes soccer great.

Baltimore is a very diverse city. Germans,  Polish, and Mexicans are all ethnicities frequently found in Baltimore. All of those nations nations are playing in the world cup. Finding a team to root for in the 2018 Fifa World Cup should be easy. There are 32 teams to choose from.

With games nearly everyday in June, simply going to a bar while a game is playing is a great way to get into the sport if you are new to soccer. American Outlaws have a watch party for every USMNT game, but there won’t be any this year with the team not being in the World cup. But the same bars that host the American Outlaws during the USMNT games are almost certainly still hosting parties for the Fifa World Cup.

For the purposes of being transparent, I am a member of the American Outlaws. I got it as a gift from my sister, but that’s not why I am writing the praises of the Outlaws. I am simply trying to state that the Outlaws are a great tool.

Slainte Irish Pub and Restaurant in Fells Point is the American Outlaws Baltimore chapter. Looking at their website shows the role they play in Baltimore soccer.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 9.41.19 PM
Slainte Irish Pub and Restaurant’s homepage.

There are thousands of bars across the country that will love to be flooded with soccer fans watching the Fifa World Cup. Most people do not want to fly to Russia to see the Fifa World Cup. Many people cannot afford to make the trip. Especially with the political climate that the US and Russia recently. While I don’t believe there would be any issues with the World watching, Russia is a wildcard. There is no better place to watch the Fifa World Cup than the Good Ole’ USA, and a soccer bar is the best place in America to watch it.


Author: Jake Stolzenbach

Born with a mutated 7th chromosome, resulting in cystic fibrosis. Defining the odds is built into my DNA. Living in Maryland has allowed a love of the outdoors to flourish. Being in the woods or out on the water are ideal ways for me to spend my day. Sports are a massive aspect in my life, from soccer and football to golf and formula 1. I will watch practically any sport.

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